The Knoxville Public Safety Foundation strives to provide assistance and support to safety professionals and their immediate family in the event of catastrophic injury, illness, death or other significant life-altering events.

What is the Knoxville Public Safety Foundation?

It is a Foundation created in 2011 to financially support our public safety community, including the Knox County Sheriff's Department (KCSD), Knoxville Fire Department (KFD), Knoxville Police Department (KPD), and the University of Tennessee Police Department (UTPD).

What is the purpose?

In a time of need, it was designed to support and assist financially full-time personnel from the four core agencies if they or their immediate families, suffered a catastrophic injury, illness, death or other significant life-altering event.

Is the KPSF a formal organization?

Yes! It is registered and approved with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization, the State of Tennessee and the City of Knoxville. There are By-Laws governing the operation of the Foundation.

Who make up the Board of Directors?

Nineteen (19) leaders of our community including the Sheriff, Chief of the KFD, Chief of the KPD, Chief of the UTPD, and 15 citizens comprise the board.

From this Board are seven members who make up an Executive Committee who make operational decisions on a regular basis, pending approval from the majority of the entire Board.

Are there any paid staff?

No! The Board, Executive Committee, and corporate officers are all volunteers.

Why is this Foundation necessary?

It is widely known and recognized that public safety officers go into "harm's way" on a daily basis. They perform tasks that no one else would try. They run into danger when others run away. And they earn a salary that most would say does not justify the risks. This Foundation will offer those individuals some financial consideration if the circumstances and need occurs.

Our Motto: "Helping those who help us"

How will the Foundation be funded?

The Foundation will seek funding from members of our community and others through memberships, contributions of money, in-kind goods and services and other items deemed important to helping our public safety personnel and their families. Some members of the core agencies also pay dues to be active members.

Where is this money going to be kept?

As funds are obtained, they will be placed with an insured financial institution and investments handled by a qualified organization.

What might be an example of a need to pay a Public Safety Officer?

If a qualifying member is paralyzed and insurance or resources are not available, the Head of the Member Agency may request assistance from the foundation to build an accessible ramp for their residence

How can you become a member of the KPSF?

There are membership levels for individuals and businesses beginning at $100 and up. The levels begin at Silver and progress to Gold, Platinum, Diamond and the highest level identified as the Chief's Circle.

Are there other organizations that perform this same service?

Not to our knowledge.

How can I communicate with the KPSF?

At the websites which are www.publicsafetyfoundation.com or www.publicsafetyfoundation.org or by calling 865-215-7229, 971-3911, 974-6311 or 595-4468 where a message can be left requesting a return call. Finally by sending written correspondence to the Knoxville Public Safety Foundation, Post Office Box 501, Knoxville, Tennessee 37901.

Who will decide if money is paid out?

The Head of the Agency applying for the money will have to certify the justification and need for a payout. That application will be reviewed by a Committee from the Board with assistance, if necessary, from an Advisory Council. If approved, the money will be paid to the recipient(s) as soon as possible.